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Delta life assurance's commitment is to pay you or your beneficiaries back the agreed amount you wished at first.

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Pension Plan

The company is committed to pay (the amount of money at once) to the insured when they reach retirement age as mentioned in the policy.


Natural or Accidental Death

The company is committed to pay the sum assured to the beneficiary in case of the death of any of the insured during the insurance period.


Total Permanent Disability

The company is committed to pay the sum assured in case of the occurrence of total permanent disability to any of the insured persons, the same way as the sum assured is paid in case of death.


Accidental Partial Disability.

The company is committed to pay the sum assured according to the degree of disability caused by an accident to one of the insured.


Doubling the Sum Assured in case of Accidental Death

An extra benefit that can be added to the insurance policy after paying a reasonable premium.


Decreasing Term for Loans’ Coverage

The company is committed, in case of death or T.P.D. during the insurance term, to pay the sum assured ( The Loan’s balance at death) as a single premium to cover the death’s risk for the whole insurance term.



For our prospected & current policy owners Now you can pay your installments for Delta Life Assurance policy via Fawry Machines through all governorates.
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